Bosch fuel injector flow rate chart. R 1,000 Add to cart Be sure if using this data that your base fuel pressure is set to the listed fuel PW = REQ_FUEL * VE * MAP * E + accel + Injector_open_time Fuel injector performance can be affected by particles as little as 10 microns (0 Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 07/06/24, pending manufacturer availability Each injector includes: Bosch 210lb 2200cc Fuel Injectors 0280158821 Not all cars run at that pressure, there is a lot of confusion on 3 days) $126 Set of 8 Flow rate: 50LB @ 4 Bar and 42LB @ 3 Bar Bosch View full product details • Display ECM & GPCM Inj E85 - 800Hp Efi Submersible E85, Flex Fuel And Gasoline High Flow Fuel Pump 0: 157 $30 - $35 (1) $35 - $40 (3) $40 - $50 (24) $50 - $60 (2) Our fuel injector replacement for Ford F150 restores your RPM range and prevents throttle surges and weak accelerations Bosch rates there injectors with heptane Bosch 1150cc 3/4 lenght fuel injector made by Bosch; 110lb/hr (1150cc) @ 58psi *Made in the Bosch factory * Ford Falcon FG Direct Fit Firstly, the regulator rate is matched to injector size Be wary of it's source! This converter will change injector data Bosch Fuel Injectors, flow rates & injector connectors F However most EV1's commonly seen use the Jetronic connector and most EV6's use the USCAR connector 65 lbs/hr 21's Tho they switched the colors on *some* of the Mustangs, the flow rate remained 100% the same 5 ohms Telephone 561-427-0082 E-mail Tim@fuelinjectorclinic 00AUD Ex Tax: $125 It is important to note that this value Bosch VE VP 37 Fuel Injection Pump Injectors - Bosch P442-----Data from the 5-Cylinder 111kW T4 TDI Engine Bosch VE VP 37 Fuel Injection Pump Injectors - P764 Injector - Dual Spring version, minimum dead volume Lift I : 0 , Bosch/EV14, 12 216 mm Opening Pressure PI : 220bar PII : 300bar To summarize: 1) Pull the AMP connector off the fuel distributor SKU: 0 261 500 621 (Typically ships in <10 bus High flow fuel injectors for any EV14K Compact length application where super high flow flow is required 8lb and the 715 will flow 26 0280 150 125 Price Injector Data The AFIT device addresses two issues The code applies over the entire programmed fuel map 98 0 com Bosch Fuel Injectors, flow rates & injector connectors Competition Systems Ltd For further details please contact Hyjuniper, Long Lane Tel: +44 (0)8707 444666 IWP023_Weber PICO fuel injector_v02 5 PSI, 42 Flow matching injectors just involves testing a set of them until you find 8 with flow rates within 2% of each other com Shop (39/43) x 22 providing better cylinder to cylinder consistency at low pulse widths 3800 Series 2 (non SC) Bosch 0280150973 injectors --21 The ACCEL Performance Fuel Injector Program Technical data and specifications Flow Rate - CC's: 1000 CC's / MIN @ 43 60 to Are 018 and 020 AFMs are interchangeable? Yes, despite the apparent flip flop Fueling Injector data, test pressure, resistance, injector flow rates Fuel Injector Data Injector data collected is based on the fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service we provided Bosch Electric "starter" pump as used on Formula and road race cars: 0 580 254 996 690 16 - AN Chart If you are not sure what size injectors you need here is a helpfull chart but it's only to get you close There are some exceptions to this, notably the Bosch 803 injector used on the Porsche 944 turbo which is 4 84 to Improve the accuracy of diagnostics for the AFIM (Air Fuel Imbalance Monitor) system due to increasing emission requirements 3 lbs/hr) @100% duty cycle, presumed at a pressure of 3 Bar Even though a fuel injector's flow rate is measured at its maximum duty cycle (100%), fuel injectors should never be Fuel is metered by the movement of the control sleeve in relation to the plunger cutoff port, Figure 12 Bosch Fuel Pumps #15 3mm Dimensions: 33 Bosch Fuel Pump Check Valve 520 11 - 1 1 Direct Injector Injector Flow Calculator Town Car The point at which the injector flow becomes linear is at the breakpoint Petrol Injection; Static flow rate at 3 bar, medium N-Heptane [g/min]: 116,5; Resistance [Ohm]: 15,95; Donor 20V Silvertop with 16V alternator attched for use on AE86 $17 Description AS NEW - FUEL INJECTOR SET ( View full details 8 X 1200cc FUEL INJECTORS - Flow Fuel injector dead time along with the other 4 definitions is the amount of time it takes the fuel injector to go from open to close Fuel Injector Clinic's Flow Rate calculator The difference is 0 Or EV 14 xT are the latest revision of the EV 12 1986 Ford EXP Fuel Injector 4 Cyl 1 If the injector returns too much fuel the internal passages are wore and rail pressure will not be adequate for the ECU to accuratelt run the engine Many sites have fuel injector flow data but most of the data was copied from various places using different methods, test pressures, Bosch top-feed 4 lb per hour 237 Choose top quality brands AC Delco, AUS Injection, Aus Injection, Bosch, CARQUEST, GB Remanufacturing, SKP, Standard Motor Products, TRQ Several times on several different vehicles 561-427-0082; My Account General Conversions 2,730 Posts 2 lb/hr VAC Flow Rate Vs 5 psi / 3 bar 31 4/pkg Bosch/EV1 Style, Low Impedance Fuel Injectors Maximum Horsepower: 2525 85 0 99 Add to cart; Set of 2 Brand New Polaris Injector 0280158197 1204318 1204319 1203568 $ 179 View Details This allows you to use a larger injector than normally possible without hurting Precision Auto Injectors 80LB Bosch 4rd Generation Pico Short Height EV14K Decapped Fuel Injectors upgrades for LSA, LS3, LS7, L76, L92, L98, L99, Hilborn FI nozzles are stamped in flow numbers Click here to see our PCM/Engine Controllers 2013-2017 FOCUS ST MOUNTUNE HIGH FLOW DI FUEL INJECTOR UPGRADE SET Injector Flow Data Injector HP/KW Rating Calculator The right parts, like a Bosch diesel injector, are only a few clicks away when you get them from Injector Size Flow rate in lbs/hr (8 injectors) x (0 39 bosch injectors; bosch number: lbs/hr: cc/min: grams: psi: bar: 0-280-150-001: 25 2 PSI or 43 Postal service for cleaning fuel injectors using the ASNU system 45 Gasoline – Unfortunately balance rates do not always provide a 100% accurate diagnosis of the injector’s performance due to numerous variables present in the engine 5 psi *Flow rated at factory fuel pressure rating of 58 psi For more information, I recommend the following books ; "How To Tune & Modify Bosch Fuel Injection" by Ben Watson, and "Bosch Fuel Injection Handbook and Engine Management" by Charles Probst View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries Holley's products also include performance fuel pumps, intake manifolds & engine dress–up products for street performance, race and marine – 4 x NEW Bosch Ev14 fuel injectors, fully assembled – 4 x Direct fit electrical adapters (one piece style, no wires!) – Offset data chart, for easy tuning 5 psi) Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 9 Static Flow Rate @ 58 View Details Select to compare GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) Bosch Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) provides the basis for a cleaner and more economical engine generation Fuel Injectors, TFX™, 30 Lbs 72 1 9 at 43 5L 5 Cyl Look online for a fuel flow rate calculator to see if an injector will work 4: Bosch Big Green Fuel Injector S60R V70R - Set of 5 If you have the engine Fuel flow turbo injectors=37 50 for naturally aspirated engines, ( 111-006 ) The CP3 injection pump’s sole job is to create and regulate high-pressure fuel (it’s not timed with the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft) 65 0 So, find the REQ_FUEL that corresponds to your injector's flow rate and engine size Typical injector heights are 64mm, 53mm, and 38mm between o-ring centers 1: 105 These are the newer style skinny injectors, with EV6/EV14 electrical connections Menu Close; Home; Account; Find Close; Bosch 725cc Fuel Injector Description: Flow Rate - 725cc/min (70lb/hr) ORings - 14mm T All injector flow rates are quoted at a delta pressure of 39 "/> If the data from computer monitor are repeatedly entered, the incorrect flow rate data of injectors will be entered! In picture: flow rate coding values marked 8 flow rate because we throw Hi all ,can anyone tell me if the flow rates/delivery of the 2 GST SKU: Bosch-0280158117-4 Product Questions? 405-217-0701 Richard Mansell quotes from a Jaguar publication on the changes for the 1992 models: New smaller lighter fuel injectors allowing the fitment of a lower mounted fuel rail, giving improved control of fuelling at small pulse widths Add to Compare GB Reman 822-11150 USA A leaky or clogged injector often leads to poor Part # 110324 5 ohms, 1 7 motors injectors is different to the 2 Resistance: 14 Specifications: 200 LPH flow rate at 2 – 1000cc BOSCH EV14 Fuel Injectors (Dead time/Lag/Latency/offset chart) These injectors are COMPATIBLE with ALL KNOWN FUELS I recently did the fuel pump delivery test on my '78 5 speed 928 at the return line on the system pressure regulator that is part of the fuel distributor as outlined in the Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management publication Rated injector flow: 120 lb/hr @ 43 PSI 3 Typical physical quantities in nozzle flow • Diesel fuel @ 100oC – s Bosch BR540 Tested flow rate at 45 psi This is a hugely popular in-tank E85 compatible fuel pump capable of supplying 450 L/Hr They are of the older EV6 Technology and have a flow rate of 430cc at 3 bar (or 43 Low impedance (2 70 See page 300 for Installation Kits Fuel They utilize a precision-ground Bosch-style pintle design Very important! If incorrect data of injectors are entered, MSD80 will have problems with creating fuel (bank and cylinders individual) long-term trims! From Being Dirty Or Clogged Frequently used in racing, flex fuel applications and alternate fuel applications, these low impedance Throttle-Body-Fuel-Injectors | injectors4u "your source for New & Reconditioned fuel injectors" If you are adding an earlier injector to a later intake like an LS2 or LS3, you will need the larger diameter 0 To derate injectors rated at 43 Bosch Number: cc/min @3bar: Resistance (ohm) 0280150007: 338: 2 SOLD Aus Injection (23) Bosch (8) Delphi (1) Duralast (2) Motorcraft (5) Show All The fuel that is not injected into the combustion chamber is used to help lubricate and cool the injector and is routed back to the fuel tank There is only one injector body size for the EV 12 Spray chamber: Airflow velocity = 0 Bosch 920cc Fuel Injectors aka 1000cc you cannot double fuel pressure and expect a 21# injector to behave like a 42# injector Part Number: 118590-05624446 Record all flow rate numbers with the corresponding cylinders from the control modules 12 0 90ms have issues with idle control 08-21-2019, 10:26 PM #2 Free Shipping over $99 Accel Fuel Injector Flow Rate: 15 24's Fuel injector flow rates 75 "/> Our EV6 47lb high impedance fuel injector set is optimized for 5 @43 ly/SubscribeJMSpeedshop Website: http://jmspeedshop 1: 27 5psi for 40psi use this formula: MyGT Brand new Bosch® OEM LMM injectors Set of 2 BMW 350cc Fuel Injectors Genuine Bosch – 10% more fuel flow over stock $ 119 B5204T4 / B5204T4 2 These were installed on my car for about 6k miles and performed flawless 5 mm o-rings are supplied for installation FLOW CHART: Each set is sold with a complete flow-data chart indicating individual static flow rates at 3 Replaces part numbers: Bosch®: 0986435520, 0 986 435 520, 0 445 120 082 4 lbs I ahve used numerous injector flow rate conversion table on the net to calculate what injectors I "need" for my setup and the recommended injector flow rate just seems alittle scewed EV 14 is designed for a wide range of flow rates and spray patterns Skip to content Armed with the information from steps one through three above, you can now calculate the optimum fuel injector size using the following formula: injector size in lbs 5L ] [ Dodge Truck 5 01 ECSB 1/2 ton 4x4 Forged 5 December 3rd, 2007 #7 Bosch EV14 Injector Settings 0L 4V cylinder heads 0L 4 cyl The main causes of fuel injector wear or failure is contamination of the fuel system 0-60 miles/h and 0-100 km/h is not the same 2) Turn the ignition switch to the first click to start the fuel pump and wait 30 seconds in combination with turbocharging) If you are a serious, long term 914 owner, I suggest that you purchase a set of factory Workshop-Manuals The Bosch fuel injector flow rates below are based on flow Bosch 1000cc Fuel Injector Short Length Description: Flow Rate - 1015cc/min @ 3 0L PERFORMANCE INJECTORS Fuel pressure can be raised to increase the rate of fuel flow but this should not exceed 60 psi in most cases #3 Dec 6, 2010 FI114961 61 lb/hr Deka IV Long Minitimer Slope Offset Worksheet FI114800 82 lb/hr Deka IX Short Slope Offset Worksheet Custom KBracing front mounted, BW S480, intercooled turbo 5 psi 0280-155-715 25 Injector to suit Nissan Patrol ZD30 CRD 3 Orange Injectors - 310 CC/min - Found on 850 Turbos 1-888-771-Fuel ( 3835 ) We Flow , Test and Service all Outboard / Marine Fuel Injectors 0bar) We also offer many different types of o-rings, pigtails and plug & play adapters required when upgrading your understanding you fuel injection straight) but that's easy to fix 8 to 2 Please See Chart Below 6 fuel injectors fit DENSO for Toyota 1FZ-FE FLOW TESTED BY KSM Motorsports to confirm the flow rates FLOW RATES & Specs: Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms (This high-impedance injector will work with all factory ECM/PCM injector fuel injector flow rates The 115s are 30lb injectors, so not a huge increase over stock and so probably will start with the stock tune and run fine, but for it to run Pretty sure as of now we'd all agree that: 850 and 70 Series Base Fuel Pressurse is 3 Bar - 43 Electrical connector type: Bosch Jetronic, Mimitimer Brushless technology is big leap forward for pumps Most comprehensive and best-supported injector line in the industry O-Rings COBB R35 GTR 5 are around 21# +/- @ 49 psi 7L Engines Sumitomo Pig Tail As shown in HP Tuners 5 sec If an injector is too small, not Fuel Injector Chart: PART NUMBER (SETS OF 8) FLOW RATE: IMPEDANCE: LENGTH: CONNECTOR: ADAPTER: COLOR: Neither EV1 or EV6 is technically correct because those generations of Bosch injectors could come with either connector 44 0 5 bar (or 52 (N-Heptane) 190 0L Coyote cylinder heads Outboard / Marine Fuel Injector Service 14mm O-Rings Interchange # 879312003, 21141691, 0 280 156 081 An injector this size can also provide an accurate amount of fuel at low rpm E85 Safe Bosch Fuel Injector "/> High flow electronic fuel injectors like the Bosch 403 & 400 are a popular choice for performace 4 cylinder turbos, Flow rate - Charts show 503 cc/min (49 0PSI (300kPa): 110 5 psi (rated) 24 lbs 587" Intake boreOEM COMPATIBILITY:Camaro:6 Blue Injectors - 395 CC/min - Found on 99+ T5s and larger flow matched: Sport Compact Fuel Injectors; Part Number Model Number Flow Rate Impedance Nozzle Style; 042-0400: SCIO400: 400cc: High Impedance: Ball & Seat: 042-0440: SCIO440: 440cc: High Impedance 1993 Plymouth Acclaim Fuel Injector 4 Cyl 2 : CH-47976 3,255 We have spacers available for 3/4 and full length applications 0 BAR dynamic pulse testing for idle (15% duty-cycle) and 50% duty-cycle GM #12598646, Bosch #0 280 158 187 7L TPI injectors Here are some formulas you can use to determine how much horsepower a particular injector flow rate (or fuel pump) will support or how big of injectors you The fact still remains from Bosch the actual designer of the Bosch VP44 injection pump states that injection pump should return 70% of the fuel back to the fuel tank for cooling and lubrication purpose of the VP44 Voltage is what causes the Injectors to open/close, and depending on the amount of voltage, the injector can open faster or slower /Hr 25mm Nozzle P-type, VCO-nozzle Hole dia $145 Item Cross Over No , dead time, latency info) The BOSCH EV14 injector offers fast response times, and predictable flow down to 2ms 83 lb/hour The chart I have does not show the year 52 BSFC - Est · For stock/modified 4 Bosch fuel injectors have broad market coverage for both OE and after market The Bosch fuel injector has a return rate of 1 part per million (PPM), making Bosch the industry benchmark This kit includes eight (8) Bosch Type III fuel injectors that have been fully remanufactured to ensure proper functionality Flow rate at 3 bar: up to 1,000 g/min (n- heptane) Max 167 mm; Injection profile is given From left to right, you can see every make and model injector the common-rail experts at S&S Diesel Motorsport specialize in: BMW M57 (piezo), 6 5 psi lb/hr 16 Total Length: 3 inches, 74 mm 4 Amp This brushless pump setup is a perfect option for users wanting maximum flow and minimum current While the 22 EV 12 injection valves are designed to inject the fuel as efficiently as possible into the intake manifold runner to achieve a homogeneous distribution of fuel in air flow Accel 151848 Check out this easy to use Mustang stock fuel injector size chart! The GDI pump determines the fuel flow rate for the Direct Injectors However, the higher fuel flow capabilities of these marine fuel injectors plus their higher pop pressure can be beneficial as part of a carefully planned power-enhancement process 5 Ohms (All fuel injector specifications meet or exceed the manufacturers specification standard) Flow Rate in CC per minute: 550 CC/min @ 43 Flow Rates: 1150cc/min @ 4 About a year ago, I replaced the original 30 year old steel Bosch CIS injectors with new brass ones, done in the name of routine maintenance This image shows that the spray These are the Porsche GT3 injectors (OE by Bosch, Part # 0280156012) Injector Deadtime PWC Performance Parts 48 # BOSCH for Sea Doo with Siemens ECU (set of 3) [024U500 - 48lbs] - New generation, Bosch Design III fuel injectors All are available in flow-matched sets for easy tuning New 14 These injectors are THE VERY SAME ONES that other companies repackage under a different brand and charge you $70 to $100 Coil Resistance: 9 Usually you can get ballpark (+-25%) by picking another injector or simililar design and size 3 lbs/hr @ 58 My average flow rate was 185 BSFC The 19# injectors at 43 Only 7 left in stock - order soon Vari-ous delivery rates and spray-angles are available The stock '91-'95 4 Fuel Air Spark Technology Each injector is custom milled to 550cc/min, flow-matched EV14 fuel injectors for the Volvo B52 Series turbocharged 5 cylinder engines Injector Flow CC/min Flow LB/Hr Ohm 10v 11v 12v 13v 14v 15v Accel 578 55 3 1 24 1 03 0 87 0 73 0 63 0 53 Accel 872 83 3 1 46 1 20 1 00 0 85 0 73 0 62 Acura NSX 240 23 2 0 71 0 56 0 45 0 36 0 27 0 21 Acura RSX 290 28 12 1 28 1 07 0 86 0 70 0 57 0 46 Acura RSX Type-S 330 31 12 1 37 1 14 0 95 0 81 0 67 0 55 Audi S4/TT 340 32 14 1 12 0 91 0 75 0 62 0 52 0 42 Blitz 0 DW collects 450 data points on each injector part number FRPP injectors are rated at 40psi, however the industry standard rating pressure is 43 Fuel Injector Chart: PART NUMBER (SETS OF 8) FLOW RATE IMPEDANCE LENGTH CONNECTOR ADAPTER COLOR M-9593-LU24A All injector flow rates are quoted at a delta Singles $474 They also maintain linear flow up to 8bar fuel pressure Fuel injector - Gasoline port fuel injection Jetronic/Minitimer (2) Fuel Injector, Replacement DW Injectors Combine Precision, Drop-in Fitment, Dynamic Data, and Value to Maximize Your Performance Outcome 55 to 0 Bar Com Fuel injector dead time along with the other 4 definitions is the amount of time it takes the fuel injector to go from open to close 5 psi) 911 cc/min – 3 But we are unable to find any published specs on actual flow rate of these injectors at the R53's operating fuel pressure level of 3 Subtotal - $0 Diffrence between 0-100 km/h with 16" and 0-100 km/h with 18" and 255 tyres on SLK 230k is also cca 0-3 - 0 (battery comp 4L V8 Bosch 280cc EV6 Fuel Injector $ 39 0Bar; 980cc/min @ 3 The chart below lists the flow rate for this injector at a few different pressures: Fuel Pressure: Calculated Flow Rate: 37 psi: 22 8 Lean valve shape 5: 3 * Max Duty Cycle in % 80 Required Injector Static Flow Rate @ 43 herrubermensch said: Tune adaptation needed whenever you change to an injector with different flow rates at different voltages and fuel pressure PRICE 1 per car Here's a data sheet showing injector flow results before/after cleaning 5 mm Resistance: 12 These are the newer style skinny injectors, with EV1 electrical connections 5: 25 Alternatively, it is available for download to help our customers to easily find the parts they need , Bosch-Style, 14 You can browse Injector-Rehab’s comprehensive Fuel Injector Component Guide below This calculator helps figure out what size injector would match your horsepower goals 00AUD 4L 5 Cyl 5mm o-ring centerline to centerline Fuel Injector O-Ring Seal KitKit contents include:8 - Blue Viton Upper Fuel Rail O-Rings8 - Red Viton Lower Intake O-RingsCorrect LS Lower Bosch O-Ring Size for the For example: An injector that flows 330 cc @ 40 psi will flow 369 cc @ 50 psi And some Bosch and some Siemens/VDO injectors use a single code identification process for injectors called injector classification Bosch 1000cc EV14 Full Lenght Fuel Injector Description: Flow Rate - 1000cc/min 0 EFI Hardware can supply a range of fuel injectors online from Bosch injectors and standard original replacement fuel injectors to racing and high-performance fuel injectors from the Bosch Motorsport Range In 1949, right after becoming an independent company from it’s parent – Toyota Motors, Denso was established as Nippon Denso Co Another side effect of high return Precision Auto Injectors Bosch 3rd Generation 4 Hole Upgrade Fuel Injectors for 1999 - 2000 Jeep Dodge 4 1 INJECTOR Fits: 2007 and Up Volvo Penta 6 0 engines or stroker build-ups the following injectors can be installed $125 $119 7L Power 1990-92 VNT Adjustable (Bosch) Fuel Pressure Regulator or Accufab GM-Type (BREG) Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator: With the stock 804's (P4452804) injectors, static fuel pressure is set to 60-62 PSI Fuel Delivery: 4-hole disc 0 Bar (43 Submit the injector tips are very clean Installing injectors Description: E150-350 vans 0 Calculators Injector Flow Calculator Injector HP/KW Rating Calculator Injector Flow VS Fuel Pressure Calculator Fuel Pump Calculator General Conversions After UB, begin the test: Re-flow injectors for a new baseline; Get flow data with a clean fuel injector; Install CPR RACING new high flow Application: INJECTOR TESTER 3 ohms Part Numbers:Bosch 0280150943Ford FOTE-D5B / F0TZ-9F593-C / FOTE-9F593-D5AMotorcraft CM-4718 Injector dead time calculator Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50 1 lb/hour Fuel flow NA injectors= 22 HP to CC/LBS Chart Also remember you don't want to run higher then a 80% injector duty These injectors flow 60 lbs/hr at 43 E048-07-121 Denso style connector Connectors and Injector Height Extensions available 1 lb per hour 137 G per min Making this earIy truck injector uniqué is its MuItec 2 Looking for Injector data for: Bosch 0280155868 36 lb/hr Offset vs FI114700 80 lb/hr Deka V Short Minitimer Slope Offset Worksheet Fuel Injectors Without data you have to determine this yourself 2 mm diameter – Average exit velocity at nozzle ~253 m/s Flow Rate at 43 Being an old fart,the only fuel injection I have any experience with is Aug 2, 2013 5 psi / 3 bar:20 lb/hr210 cc/min Resistance:14 Save $20 Off $200, $50 Off $500, $100 Off $1000 Orders - Promo Code: SUMMER exclusions apply More details Note that the D-Jetronic injectors do not have the same flow rate as the Digital P injectors The Bosch 044 Motorsport fuel pump has long been the industry standard for external EFI pumps and is known for it’s huge flow rate and excellent reliability any other injector besides Bosch @ 5L ] [ Dodge 2 The 12 hole injectors were used more for the 'econobox' cars that were trying to get better mileage and lower emissions 0-280-150-xxx 5L NEW Bosch Injectors instagram E-350 Super Duty 1l: 150X17: These injectors are universal fit, sold individually 99 Fuel Injector Flow Rates & Pictures 45ms at 14 volts Features: Bosch/EV1 style performance injectors - Set of 8 0L, 5 940 10 - 1 For models with Bosch fuel pump, one per pump $16 dave80gtsi said: ↑ 4L Power Stroke (piezo), ’11-’19 6 More Info Flow: Rating @ Flow @ 43 Horsepower - Expected Horsepower of the engine build 52 0 New generation, Bosch Design III fuel injectors All are available in flow-matched sets for easy tuning New 14 As well as 3 some hints - Bosch) do not rate injectors in flow/time (cc/min), they use mass/time (g/min) So youcould set the base fuel pressure to 4 bar with the engine off and fuel system pressurized,m or engine on and vacuum line disconnected from regulator Not necessarily more performance All other injectors at flow tested at 43 4 Ohms Impedance, Jetronic Plug, 12V, Universal, Set of 8 They are the highest quality, most reliable injectors available for the LMM engine Snake Eater Fuel Injector with Jetronic Connector 1000cc (95 lb/hr) Siemens Deka Style Body Shop for 222 Flow Matched 3 Bar Premium Performance & 4 Bar Premium Performance & High Performance & Oem Custom Built Fuel Injectors for Pontiac starting at $189 0280158333 0280158334 Now the article says to crack open the fuel lines at the injectors to let the air bleed out ACCEL Catalog Static Static Static High Indivigual lbs/hr lbs/hr lbs/hr cc/min Impedance Injector Flow Flow Rating Flow Rating Flow Rating Resistance Catalog Rating @ 2 Despite the high flow rate, they are linear and controllable at low pulse widths and have been used in ULEV applications 99 Add to cart; Set of 2 BMW Fuel Injectors 13 64 1 341 352 Genuine Bosch Replacements $ 119 Bosch Part # 0280150415 BMW part # 13641730060 CHART FROM MOTOR MAN FUEL INJECTOR SUPPLY Fuel Injector Size Calculator Horsepower (at the flywheel) 160 Number of Injectors 6 B = (Max You can be sure that if the data for a Bosch injector is displayed in units other than g/min then the data has been converted mathematically or the information has been provided by private testing downsizing) and fun-to-drive concepts (e 48 0 6L Duramax, and 2003 PL4-1000 (Bosch style top) Peak & Hold Injector Model 9202100 0280155968 2L 2010-20157 77 2005-2009 Trick Flow Specialties TFS-89030 - Trick Flow® TFX™ Fuel Injectors However most EV1's commonly seen use the Jetronic connector and most EV6's use the USCAR connector so it's easy to see A process that uses ultrasound usually from 20–400kHz an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean fuel injector Note: All our Bosch injectors are Genuine Bosch products These injectors will support all gasolines Genuine Bosch EV-14 COMPACT Fuel Injector; Bosch: 0280158051, 62647, GM: 12576341 Flow rate: 37 CATALOGUE Getting your injector dead times can improve idle and throttle response Remark: These injectors have NO SCREEN and MUST have a fine, 40 micron or finer pre-filter near the fuel rail! These Bosch injectors are NOT compatible with gas/petrol with MTBE content, such as VP Q16 and VP GM states that balance rates should be no more than plus or minus 4 (+4/-4) in park at operating temperature com/johanmuter/How To calcul FLOW CHART: Each set is sold with a complete and unique flow-data chart indicating individual static flow rates at 3 BSFC x 10 5l injector 0-280-150-158 Rate This Thread: All times are GMT -8 0 l 3-cylinder as well as a V8 with turbocharging, both for consumption (e To use the Fuel Injector Size tool to select the correct size injector for your engine, fill out the above form with the specified data 0, 3 Most often when we see a melted piston in an engine, it’s due to high return flow on the injector for that cylinder Injectors Pumps Pump Modules Rails Regulators These are the Popular Bosch 2200cc CNG injectors use widely across many applications The injector data given is based on manufacturer's published data and are given for the specific base fuel pressure listed which are apparently from Injector Dynamics What! 6 5 Ohm Resistance However most EV1’s commonly seen use the Jetronic connector and most EV6’s use the USCAR connector so it’s easy to see the connection Ltd Static Flow Rate @ 58 PSI ( 400kPa ) w/Gas: 2550 cc/min = 240 lb/hr Fuel injector (2W) Manifold injector ; High-pressure injector; Coolant switch valve; Bosch to supply fuel-cell components; Bosch opens wafer fab of the future; robustness, and maximum flow rate Part# 12609192 0280158165 Find Bosch Fuel Injectors and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Clogged or leaking fuel injectors can have a ripple effect on your vehicle, decrease performance and economy volts vs 39 Injector Flow and Injector Bosch 1000cc Fuel Injector Short Length Description: Flow Rate - 1015cc/min @ 3 5L (GBR Fuel Injection 811-16109) Always replace fuel filter when injector is replaced Old Pressure Add to Cart LS1 LS6 Siemens Deka 72 LB Drop-In Fuel Injector Set 0 of certain years) Flow rate: 1058cm³/min @ 3 It was reintroduced in 1994 along with sequential fuel injection Excellent linearity range Plus correct injector latency, full injector data supplied for all gm vehicles in either hp tuners or efi live Fuel Injector Connection is the leader in high performance fuel injectors from top manufacturers including Bosch, Siemens, and Lucas 5 PSI which translates to 2 Price: $454 aaronsnocker1 Posts: 986 Joined: Wed Sep 10, 2003 12:50 pm Car: 93 240sx Contact: Contact Check your fuel injector part number with the guide below to verify your flow rate Denso Fuel Injector You can swipe or click to browse the complete catalog Fuel Injector Chart: PART NUMBER (SETS OF 8) FLOW RATE : IMPEDANCE : LENGTH : CONNECTOR All injector flow rates are quoted at a delta pressure of 39 Add to Wishlist 5 PSI ( 300kPa ) w/Gas: 2200 cc/min = 210 lb/hr Static Flow Rate @ 58 PSI ( 400kPa ) w/Gas: 2550 cc/min = 240 lb/hr Bosch EV6EL fuel injector Long size injector Jetronic port 4 hole nozzle V spray pattern Flow rates @ 43 ~ 0 Minglor Applying normal idle manifold vacuum --15 in hg @ 4800 ft above sea level) and at idle gauge Injector dead times, offsets, flow rates, and slopes for ID injectors Holley EFI Fuel Injectors provide precision fuel delivery you can depend on Jump to Latest Follow 5 hole injectors with the right hole size will flow plenty Figure 2c is an image of the spray pattern of a GDI injector 5 cc per min 12,00 Ohm resistance Ford 5 Injector Rx cannot be held accountable for any errors in the data 45 to 8: 43 2 cc with the lowest being at 125 cc ) and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! 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Fuel Injector, 60 lbs Find Fuel Injectors 60 lbs 5L ] GM TBI 220 style Rochester Products fuel injector pod with installation service kit & fuel line nuts Item name: Bosch High Impedance Fuel Injector ) 42 lbs B5254T2 / B5254T2 / B5254T9 Mass-air flow fuel control was introduced in 1985 and used until 1989 GM LS3, L99, L76, LS7 45ms at 14 volts Static Flow Rate @ 43 5psi/3bar For R35 data sets not listed here, please contact tony@t1racedevelopment 0L 2006-2013Pontiac G8:6 "/> IWP189 2 way minitimer High flow shower injector – multi hole Use Part No Old Flow Rate Click here to see our Component ID Guide Improved tightness and optimized spray and fuel-mixture generation (advertised) 50 psi low fuel rate injectors are desirable for a well running engine (they produce a finer spray If you increase the fuel pressure, the flow rate will not increase in a linear way All of our injectors are designed from Bosch Gen 3 Core Blueprints and have our custom HPI Tip with an added screen on top to increase injector life; Using only stainless steel our injectors are of the New genuine Bosch 210lb/2200cc fuel injector 0280158843 EV14 plug end Injector specs: Hi-Resistance: 9 OEM Fuel Injectors, 2320946090 Lt Flow Rates 7 LS1 GMC Bosch part number supplied to OEM # 0445110270 $249 It is This is an Original Fuel Injector doc Specification subject to change without notice 5 PSI ( 3 BAR ) and up to 85 lbs/hr at 87 PSI! In addition, these units are high-impedance BSFC - N/A engines will have a BSFC in the range 0 Please note, these are book figures and not actual results that we have observed 27 1 com instagram: https://www This list is only a guide to help with the selections of fuel Tested flow rate at 45 psi: 577 LPH Current draw at max pressure: 14 Estimated Ship Date: Today Bosch 1000cc Fuel Injector Short Length Description: Flow Rate - 1015cc/min @ 3 The injection valves EV 6, EV 12 and EV 14 are compatible Dirty Or Clogged Fuel Injectors Bosch 1000cc EV14 15 psi Flow Testing Results of OEM CIS Injectors 99 Add to cart; BMW Motorcycle Fuel Injector Repair $ 14 Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders As far as Bosch and Ford Racomg injectors go @58psi = 762cc/min 2L Engines SOLD :crying: 2005 SRT-4 ACR - In this work, we will simulate a Bosch common rail injector, bosch common rail injector has seven holes, And other conditions are given, this is as follows, and a schematic of this injector is provided following figure: Injection pressure = 1600 bar; Orifice diameter = 0 50, Supercharged and Turbocharged engines will want to be at 0 #42 · Jun 9, 2022 5 bar These injectors are not recommend for use on pump gas because of how low of a pulse width they idle at Max Methanol content not to exceed 15% With a scan tool installed, enter the vehicle information and select the following options: • Engine Control Module So many milliliters over 1 minute at 20k psi and compare to spec Join in Our Mailing List 4L Triton motor Bosch 62386 / 0280158001 Ford 2L1E-A5C / 2L1Z-9F593-BAFC / 2L1E-9F593-B5A / 2L1Z-9F593-BA Motorcraft CM-5075 We know flow 01 equals flow in GPM) approximate nozzle diameter in inches (from Don Enriquez, Hilborn) Fine tuning for maximum performance in a mechanical fuel injection system requires the fine adjustment of nozzles and bypass jets Condition New Injector coding classification type 0 SUPERCHARGED M90 225+HP Most manufacturers have used both types at one time or another My understanding is that the injector flow rate should be constant (same values in the whole table), because the fuel pressure at the rail is constant due to the 1:1 regulator 0 BAR (58 part numbers begin on page 366 fuel injector guide Print view; 6 posts • Page 1 of 1 42 1 However, in their original applications, they are specified for different flow rates, as the vehicles run at different fuel pressures 2ms between each injector fire These Injectors have a flow rate of 255cc at 4 bar and are actually used in 1UZFE applications 6 mg/pulse 2 The adjustment codes also increase injector efficiency on the engine and improve emissions Bosch 0-280-150-159 were used on the Ford 2 White and Blue injectors flow exactly the same No other manual steps required The metal cap on the end of the stock appearing is threaded onto the end of the body Injector dead times, offsets, flow rates, and slopes for ID injectors 5 lbs/hr @ 43 Precision-Flow High-Impedance Fuel Injector 208 cm^3/min(VS - 0 280 150 973) 61 1 Distorted spray patterns or dribbles that may not show up during an on car pressure drop test can easily be spotted This pump is great for E85, E10, Any Flex Fuel and Gasoline/Petrol 99 bar, close enough to 3 bar Green Injectors - 465/475 CC/min - Found on 00 V70R and 04+ S60R/V70Rs The addition of a Peak & Hold driver box to any ECU allows ultimate control of low impedance fuel injectors Improve the accuracy of existing service procedures to reduce misdiagnosis of current fuel systems Joined Nov 10, 2010 What’s more, we subject our fuel injectors to FORD 6 Engine-specific, flexible installation and spray characteristics 5 PSI Outboard Fuel Injectors, Etec Fuel Injector Cleaning Neither EV1 or EV6 is technically correct because those generations of Bosch injectors could come with either connector 16PSI fuel base pressure 8 - 2 8 x fit Bosch 1200cc fuel injectors - Comes with FREE pigtail connectors These are Genuine injectors and properly built by KSM Motorsports Cross References: Siemens FI114992 Siemens 110324 IQA Codes are entered into the ECM to improve control of the injected fuel quantity 500 9 - 1 7: 113 5 psi fuel pressure) In the real world the 703's will flow 24 Home | Injectors and Cleaning | Spray Order | FAQ | Contact: Injector Flow Rates and Resistance Facebook Like The 1/4 of it is still owned by Toyota Group Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Suzuki, Evinrude, Volvo Penta Click here to purchase a harness 60 for supercharged engines, and The classification codes compensate for deviations in metered amounts, and make fuel quantity metering more precise 0 (EU) 105KW/ [] Simply raising fuel pressure of the stock injector to 50 psi raises the stock flow rate by 1 91 Methanol – 1 Applications: – 93-99 13B-REW UTILIZING 48mm “CJ Motorsports” SECONDARY fuel rail New Pressure rt FI11420 DEKA IV Short Std Tip Slope Offset WorkSheet (With vacuum cut off to the regulator, this should be 60 PSI on the Fuel Pressure Gauge EFI Hardware only supply genuine Walbro Pumbs with 1 year manufacturer warranty 5# neon injectors are around 24# @ 49 psi 0: 147 Today the injector is applied worldwide in a 1 This is due to the fact that before the stock pintle cap was the fuel flow equalizer through Fuel Injector Clinic's Flow Rate calculator 0 BAR @ 3 Nominal Flow Rate – 2600cc/min @ 3 As I mentioned earlier in this article, the stock injectors have a flow rate of 260 cc at 43 PSI 0 = 21 I havent even seen 8 hole injectors for a 12 valve, and definately not 15 holes The 4-hole disc is a separate piece retained by the cap 4 lbs/Hr @ 43 600 I paid $50/ea for my EV14's which are flow matched as a set but Please See Chart Below 5, and 4 Precision Auto Injectors Set of 6 Rebuilt Siemens Upgrade 1987 - 1995 Jeep 4 Add to Cart 100 13 - Part# 21141691 0 280 158 165 12609192 This is for a set of 4 Genuine Bosch EV14 52lb/hr High Resistance, saturated fuel injectors Injector balance rates outside of +4 to -6 3l and are a close substitute for the OEM Porsche 2 This worksheet can do the calculations for you: Our fuel pressure regulators are set to 49 psi (similar to the 4 Max fuel line pressure is around 90psi which menas you can run about 12psi boost with an 8:1 reg (8x12=96psi but then you take about 10-15psi off that for fuel pump losses etc so that means a fuel pressure of 80-90psi) Dynamic Flow Rate: 18 1 Ohms (please make sure your ECU can drive these) Static Flow Rate @ 43 If you have a guesstimate of the injector parameters the spreadsheet will calculate the number of squirts required to fill the measuring cylinder 0280-155-703 24lb @ 43 5 psi / 3 bar of fuel pressure Kit Contains: 1650cc @ 4 Bar Pressure To Cross-Domain Solutions from Bosch The time now is 06:54 Which means if stage 2 injectors were rated using RC engineering fluid thier flow would be quite higher After 30 years and 60,000 miles of use, I had simply thought that they might be getting a bit “tired” Mostly it gives a visual 80 lb/hr, single-hole, high-impedance fuel injector with USCAR electrical connector Single cone spray pattern Fuel Injector Chart: PART NUMBER (SETS OF 8) FLOW RATE IMPEDANCE LENGTH CONNECTOR ADAPTER COLOR M-9593-LU24A All injector flow rates are quoted at a delta pressure of 39 The injector flow rate varies as the square root of the pressure drop across the injector 5 PSI 150114 14 13 BOSCH Number: 0280158821 / 0 280 158 821 The longer fuel is pressurized at injection pressure, the longer the effective stroke 0 BAR Ohms p/n or 39 Injector Dynamics Plug and Play Data - *** NOTE - there are two pages of data sets*** Ethanol content and fuel pre Wed, 5 Aug, 2020 at 9:05 AM '98 XJ AW4 4 EFI Hardware are the Fuel Injector Chart: PART NUMBER (SETS OF 8) FLOW RATE: IMPEDANCE: LENGTH: CONNECTOR: ADAPTER: COLOR: as those generations of Bosch injectors could come with either connector These injectors flow at the stock 19-pound rate to ensure your Injector to suit Holden Captiva CRD 2 Bosch Connector 2: 264 "/> Flow Rate (cc per minute) 210 at 43 PSI: Injector Connector: Bosch Minitimer (EV1) Injector Length (O-ring centre to O-ring centre) 65mm: Resistance: Ford Falcon BA/BF XR8 5 Not Yet Reviewed 5 PSI ( 300kPa ) w/Gas: 2200 cc/min = 210 lb/hr 99 Add to cart Fuel Moto offers the highest quality & best value high performance fuel injectors available for Harley Davidson® V-Twin engines Part Number: EDL-3696 ENGINE: INJECTORS: PART # INJECTOR SIZE: LS1: EV1: 12533952 12554271 12555894 12456154 12482704 12561462: In this case, the flow rate, or slope of each injector in the non linear range is 1530cc/min and 1470cc/min representing a spread of +/- 2% Dynamic flow matching 4lb @ 43 Monitor injector balance rates in park or neutral EAN Number: 4047024439795 When you shut off your engine the injector will, soak up the heat of the engine White Injectors - 350 CC/min - Found on 98 S70 T5s * Bosch Type III Fuel Injectors - EV1 - Jetronic - 19lb (86-02) #LRS-37262 The catch is, there are two versions of these same injectors com Thu, 9 Nov, 2017 at 1:11 PM And some "rule-of-thumb" sizing information: In this chart the injector "size" in lb/h is assume to be the actual flow rate at 40psi Major Injector manufacturers (eg Bosch part number 0 280 150 779 Technical information Designation Injector, gasoline Production discontinuation 12/2007 Article status Discontinued item Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 150,0 g (214cc/min) Resistance 15,90 Ohm Usage list VOLVO 850 2 View / Print Catalogue Blue DENSO Fuel Injectors - Performance Fuel Injectors - OEM Fuel Injector Sets from Bosch Injectors, Siemens, Denso - Lexus: 23209-46090, 54212268 At 1650cc @ 4bar This Bosch EV14-based injector is the highest flowing high impedance performance View full product details of fuel per injector at an 80% (0 Injector Advertised Flow Rate (lbs Flow Rate in LB per hour: 52 LBS/HR @ 43 5psi = 659cc/min 51 1 All of the Bosch charts I have seen reference 43 13 lbs "/> FUEL INJECTORS - TBI YEAR ENGINE MODEL TYPE TBI # CONNECTOR PART # 360 A complete cross reference from O Many of the Bosch injectors are the same size, but have different flow rates Bosch fuel injectors have broad market coverage for both OE and after market applications 5mm o-ring seat to seat, 37 Each injector is sold with a complete flow-data chart indicating individual dynamic and static flow rates at 3, 3 Grams Performance & Design fuel injector kits include all the necessary components needed for your application To make sure every fuel injector meets our strict standards for precision quality, enhanced performance, and extra durability, Standard ® performs initial life-cycle validation and 100% end-of-line testing 00 Receive our latest updates about our products and promotions Beware of Fake products sold as Genuine g 9 indicate a problem Bosch 1000cc Fuel Injector Short Length Description: Flow Rate - 1015cc/min @ 3 The data is published as a guide and should be treated as such Low leakage Bosch; C7 Corvette Pump; ZL1 Chevrolet High Performance; Radium Engineering; Diesel; NGK Racing Spark Plugs; GDI LT1/LT4 HIGH FLOW DIRECT INJECTION GEN V V8 This injector is for the BMW M3 Industry-Leading Technical Support 0280 150 130 6 lb/hr (Bosch design with plastic tip) 87-88 Vette RP 5235302 5 8 cc per min 12 Ohm resistance Volvo modular turbo motors 2 0L motor with an advertised 215 horsepower for the following example: (215 x 0 Accel 150115 Part Number: 110-150115 Accel Fuel Injectors Flow Rate: 48 lbs/Hr @ 43 We charge the same price for all top feed, side feed, and TBI gasoline fuel injectors Part Brand: BOSCH 3L, 5 Qty 5ms PW, 20 ms PeriodCoil Resistance: 12 Ohms (This high-impedance injector designed for use with factory ECM/Injector drivers)Connector: JetronicRing Type: VitonDesigned for high performance applications Core Price: $ 9 $29 4: 43 These O-rings are readily available Posted: 2013-12-07 Last Updated: 2022-01-06 Injector Flow Data Select your injectors from the drop down menu below 95 054 5 PSI or 43 The newest LS3 fuel injector uses a larger diameter lower O-ring compared to all the previous injectors Keep in mind that simply changing injectors does not increase fuel flow since the injector pump determines fuel delivery • Injector Flow Rate Programming 2 Ohms) for use with peak and hold drivers In Stock 86 Vette RP 5235211 TPI injectors -- 21 High-pressure common-rail injectors are almost single-handedly responsible for keeping the diesel engine alive in today’s stringent-emissions world From what I can tell the flows rates are: 227 cm^3/min(Magna - 0 280 155 723) vs 3 lb/hr 3) Push down on the flow plate for a few seconds Unit B2 Oxford, CT 06478 (203) 267-FUEL(3835) marren You can use Bosch style car injectors in the truck manifolds, but you have to space up the fuel rails 5/8" and change the injector pig tails Part # 522-168 Flow rates: 850 cc/min – 3 0L 2005-20076 Along with a complete dead time off-set (latency) table Fuel Injector Man Bosch 0 280 150 846 Offtime curve at 60 psi 1 To convert to a delta pressure of 43 5 psi) – Requires Minimum 11volt Bosch fuel injectors have broad Injector Chart 50 I have tried a few different injectors/pressures, and the best so far are Bosch 26# @4bar Bosch 0280158040 Follow us into a connected world Dual plunger high-pressure pump CP4 Bosch Fuel Injectors, flow rates & injector connectors B5244T2 / B5244T3 / B5244T5 / B5244T7 2 Injector Dynamics Injector Flow Rates, Offsets, Dead Times This is my take on a dead time calculator Denso is an international auto parts manufactured located in the city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Dead Time: 0 0-280 Bosch Fuel Injectors, flow rates & injector connectors Bosch Throttle Body Fuel Injectors Casting # 0280150640 [ Chrysler 2 • Averaged fuel flow rate during injection – 64 mm3/ms • 8 nozzle holes, at 0 Part Numbers: Bosch 62242/0280155917 Ford XL2EC5A / XL2Z9F593CA Motorcraft CM-4936 Fuel Flow Calculator Featuring a Deka style There are some exceptions to this, notably the Bosch 803 injector used on the Porsche 944 turbo which is 4 Example 2 Sohc Quantity M Also available with optional AN-6 banjo, AN-8 banjo or 3/8″ barb fitting kit for the outlet fitting and 1/2″ barb, AN-8 or AN-10 inlet fittings MSRP $402 This data applies to the 2009+ R35 GTR for use with the COBB AccessPort Marren Fuel Injection 91 Willenbrock Rd Learn more $256 It is only used for calculating the balance rates They will not be listed on this chart 0 ) 800 15 - 5 PSI / 3 Bars 60 lbs/per plus 0 BAR Flow Rate in LB per hour: 60 LBS/HR @ 43 58 0 5 psi / 3 bar 18 5 PSI ( 3 BAR ) and even more at greater PSI! In addition, these units are high-impedance 0L Fuel Injectors these injectors are Ethanol friendly and can be used with pump gas as well 466 in 5), with 8 injectors will need 23 S High return flow can change the timing and quantity of the fuel delivery causing that cylinder to run hotter the difference is cca 0,5 sec There is a REQ_FUEL calculator in MegaTune, and also here Moving the control sleeve changes the effective stroke Manufactured of the highest quality materials; Provides precision flow and original OFF CAR fuel injector service offers some additional benefits 1 Ohms / Hi-Impedance Dead Time: 0 they are bosch EV-14 1200cc injectors joecar The stock FPR is 3bar Lifetime Warranty, Unlimited Miles Manufacturer: Genuine BOSCH Flow rate: 210cc Factory Flow Rate Spray Nozzle Type: 4- Hole – Replaces your old and inefficient single hole injectors: High Impedance Coil: Same as factory units: Connector Type: EV1 – Same as originals Welcome to Bullet Performance Racing - Technical - Fuel Injectors sizes Optimized for 5 Ethanol resistance allows worldwide use in Flex Fuel applications 9L (GBR Fuel Injection 822-11103) Always replace fuel filter when injector is replaced This is a single digit code and for example, a 2008 Ford Mondeo could have injectors fitted that are class 6 or class 5 Radium Engineering has already released products specifically for this pump setup 3L, 6 0L Each injector is individually tested and flow-matched dynamically to within ±1% of listed specs 5 psi, multiply flow rate by 1 (1) Get Results; Injector Plug Style 00 more for the same 5 psi Bosch Fuel Injectors, flow rates & injector connectors – Spray Pattern and Atomization of Fuel – – Flow Rate – The volume of gas each injector flows in cc/min at 43 Despite the high flow rate, they are linear and controllable at low pulse widths and have been used in ULEV applications! This allows you to use a larger injector than normally possible without hurting idle and low The factory Camaro ZL1 fuel injector offset data (top left), versus the updated offset data provided by Fuel Injector Clinic for their 1,000 cc/min injectors (top right); and the factory fuel injector short pulse width adder (bottom left), versus the updated pulse width adder (bottom right) To calculate your required flow rate, use this formula: (Horsepower X BSFC) ÷ (number of injectors X injector duty cycle) For example, a naturally aspirated, 300 hp engine (BSFC 0 5 X 0 1: 21 13 Fuel Rack and Static Flow Rate: 80lb/hr = 875 cc/min Dynamic Flow Rate : 18 Click here for a PDF of Bosch Pump info Important Note 4: Top-High: GM 2 Some websites may refer to their flow rating as 160 lb/hr or 150 lb/hr or 1680 cc/min Bosch Low Impedance Injectors Shop manual calls for at least 1360cc = 45 Injector Nozzle: DeIphi 3-hole disc, excellent fuel atomization Overall Length: 2-516 inches, 58 mm O-ring to o-ring: 1-78 inches, 48 mm Diameter: 17 mm O-rings: Upper, lower; Viton 14 - Lethal Performance Yes, fuel will increase but it will not come close to doubling The good size fuel line is a -6AN feed and -4 return for a 350hp system, "but" if your going wild this might not apply to you More on AN sizes 5,I can't find positive proof on the net but I know the Bosch numbers are different,cheers 07-06-2010, 09:04 PM Buy a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu Fuel Injector at discount prices At your psi they will flow higher, Bosch are good up to 6 BAR The fuel injectors supply fuel directly to the combustion chambers of the engine Set of 6 48mm 95lb (1000cc) injectors for universal applications (14mm fuel rail bore) All DeatschWerks injectors feature the following: E85 compatibility; Flow rates and set balancing in-house by DeatschWerks; Flow balanced to within 1 The ID2600-XDS has the highest flow rate of any injector offered by Bosch, and flows 50% more than the ID1700x Cylinder compression, friction, fuel rail pressure, and the fuel pressure Our high performance fuel injectors range from 60lb, 80lb, 96lb, 105lb, 120lb, 160lb, 200lb, 225lb and 250lb high impedance fuel injectors VT injectors are a much better match to the VS injectors in terms of flow rate with better atomisation - however their fuel flow rate is slightly They are available from 19 to 160 lb/hr flow rates to accommodate a variety of vehicles It takes 4 times the fuel pressure to double fuel Fuel Injector Calculators 0-280 Fuel Injector Flow Rates Home » Knowledge Base » Fuel Injector Flow Rates 0bar; Injector Dead Time I think buying 12-16 of the Hitachi injectors from Rockauto and selling the unused ones would be the most economical way It takes 4 times the fuel pressure to double fuel Don't forget to subscribe ! http://bit 4: 0280150008: 338: 2 5ms PW, 20 ms Period Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms (This high-impedance injector will work with all factory ECM/PCM injector drivers) Connector: EV1 Minitimer Series: DEKA 4 ( DEKA IV ) O-Ring Type: Viton Injectors pooched 7 BAR @ 3 FI114191 61 lb/hr Deka IV Long USCar Slope Offset Worksheet Add to Compare Examples of Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) Naturally Aspirated: Gasoline – Stock I6 injecotrs should run around an 8:1 regulator Learn Didn't look for their flow rates, probably about 36lb/hr as that is how much fuel the engine's power requires They are also available as kits for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4G63 as well as Nissan Skyline RB20/25/26 setups Reg CHEVROLET TRUCK 4 1587010536 OEM • Bosch Fuel Pumps have their flow rates defined in N-Heptane as part of their engineering specification Eventually the injector flow stabilises and you get the high slope where the injector remains linear 19's A list is provided showing: Hilborn nozzle flow numbers (times 0 0: 14: 147 Restore the fuel flow in your Mustang with a set of 19lb fuel injectors for 1986-2002 Mustangs! The factory fuel injectors can clog or gunk up over time $209 and then testing them for spray patterns and injector flow rate is the only true and reliable method for cleaning injectors Lb/hr (pounds per hour): The Imperial/American or ‘SAE’ unit of measurement used to describe the flow rate of injectors More on loading 20V 4A-GE into AE86 FAST Precision-Flow High-Impedance Fuel Injector GM LS3, L99, L76, LS7 Injector inlet filter screens can clog if something gets past the fuel pump inlet screen and fuel filter but most injectors require periodic cleaning (every 60,000 miles or 100,000 km) to restore their full performance especially if they have been sitting for any length of time Bosch 1000cc Fuel Injector Short Length Description: Flow Rate - 1015cc/min @ 3 E Looking for Injector Off Time data for the LS9 Injectors 1985 cars have a slower baud rate computer and use a mass-air sensor module to control burn-off and to power the mass-air sensor 8 Ohms; Price is Welcome to Bullet Performance Racing - Technical - Fuel Injectors sizes Fuel Injector Chart: PART NUMBER (SETS OF 8) FLOW RATE: IMPEDANCE: LENGTH: CONNECTOR: ADAPTER: COLOR: All injector flow rates are quoted at a delta pressure of 39 Injector flow rate x Number of injectors x 0 270 12 - 1 Power Calculators Incl 73 0 47 1 4 Fuel Injector flow rate changes slightly with fuel pressure 0 lb/hr Overall Length: 50 The effective stroke is the period at which fuel is pressurized at injection pressure Important: When installing a new fuel HOT DEALS ⚠️ for your wheels Fuel injectors of high quality from BOSCH for BMW Z4 at low prices ️ Buy Injector nozzle and other BOSCH car parts for Z4 BMW ️ Direct Injection; Fuel Type: Petrol; Condition: New; Details • Module Setup part numbers to Tomco Inc 01mm) 935 14 - 2L 2009Fuel Injector in picture for reference only They are available from 19 to 160 lb/hr flow rates to accommodate a variety of vehicles Fuel Flow Rate; Camshaft Overlap; Checkout; My Cart 0 JoshH said: If you are putting stock Bosch injectors in a truck, they should be programmed if you want the balance rates to be correct, but if you are using modified or non-factory remanned injectors, there is no need to go through the programming Post Reply The 1985-1989 mass-air system had a few changes along the way 2 G per min Bosch part number supplied to Bosch aftermarket & OEM # 0445110284 New Quieter Design Outflows The Competition; The Bosch Diesel Injector carries out the task of creating the fuel-oxygen mixture 5 psi / 3 bar: 20 lb/hr 210 cc/min Being the only way a Bosch VP44 injection pump can do this is to have fuel pressure above 14 PSI to open the overflow valve As the graph clearly shows, the difference between the two injectors increases as pulse width decreases PIN Description 1 GND 2 +12 V IWP069 Fuel injector The stock E46 M3 S54 Bosch fuel injector static flow rate is rated at 260 cubic centimeters (cc) per minute at 43 PSI (N-Heptane) 329 These injectors flow 80 lbs/hr at 43 By changing your fuel pressure, you can change the flow rates of your injectors To calculate the horsepower capacity of injectors based on their flow rating: Fuel injectors max HP (lb/hr)* = 9 ounces after 30 seconds-2 fuel pumps 7 ohms 0L 2008-20096 8) duty Measure the return flow from the fuel return gallery from the head, thats all injector bypass fuel Seat to Seat Height, Each 5 psi (3 2 Stage 2 Injector flow with RC engineering test fluid 025 to 0 "/> Bosch EV14CL fuel Injector Long size injector Uscar port 4 hole nozzle Conical spray pattern Flow rates @ 43 Register; Login; Wish List (0) Shopping Cart; Contact us NEW DESIGN Note that all charts are rated at FUEL PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL across the injector, not simply rail pressure N-Heptane is a pure Bosch Fuel Injectors, flow rates & injector connectors 4 Brand New Genuine BOSCH Generation II Flow Matched Fuel Injectors Per Order All Precision Injectors 50lb 1 137 14 By its flexibility regarding spray shape as well as flow rate the high-pressure injector is qualified for various engine types Complete ultrasonic cleaning and Flow Testing service of gasoline fuel injectors for only $17 per injector!!! Service price includes before and after flow test results Or Enter VIN# Fuel Injector Connection Flow Max 57lb Bosch EV14 LS2/L92 $ 520 FUEL PLATE AND AFC FORWARD, HOME GROUND 100, s300/s400 TWINS, A-METER BOOST PYRO AND TRANS, 5" INTO 6" MITRE CUT STACK, SILENCE RING GONE ATS CONVERTER AND 160 lb/hr Performance Fuel Injectors - Set of 8 Flow Rate - LB's: 95 LBS / HR @ 43 5 1 7: 23 In this collection of parts, for all common-rail diesel fuel systems, basic-to-extreme performance starts with the high-pressure injection pump; a CP3 for most 2001-to-2010 6 FuelInjectorMan Nissan Part Numbers # 16600MA70A, A16600MA70A Bosch 1150cc Injector Fuel Injector: Rated Injector Flow In addition to providing outstanding products, we utilize expertise in sensor technology, systems integration, software and services, as well as our own IoT cloud, to offer each customer connected, cross-domain solutions from a single source 6: Top: 12v Saturated: High-150X15: 15 0 PSI; Fuel nozzle: Flat disc, 4-hole; Spray pattern: Straight-shot; Axial deviation: 0 degrees; Solenoid resistance: 12 /hr Cleaning normally lasts between 20 minutes, E85, and others will exceed 90 minutes or more 8 psi) 980 cc/min – 4 9) The following chart provides maximum horsepower levels based on injector size and various BSFC Choosing the proper fuel injector size is critical for the successful use of an electronic fuel injection system whether it be a TBI or Multi-port system Edit: Nope, I was wrong, they are not exactly identical 94435655700 /hr: 43 Bosch number VW/P Number Injector Flow rate VIN Range; 74 412: The injectors are now tested in the Flow Testing Bench Unit and are tested for; – Leak Down test– is performed at 60 to 80 psi CC 5 on gas com 47 lb/hr, 6-hole, high-impedance fuel injector with USCAR electrical connector Dual cone spray pattern will work with all gas engines 2 mm From Diesel Fuel Injection, Robert Bosch GmbH, 1994 Questions about the Platinum Sprint series ECU settings or features? Ask here Fuel injectors max HP (cc/min)* = Our 90hp injectors have spill ports blocked and a modified body, allowing even more fuel to be forced out of the 175cc nozzle, providing fuel for the 550hp tier 4 As pressure goes up so does the amount of fuel that can pass through the open injector to determine the fuel return flow rate on CR injectors 0 986 612 950 Denoxtronic 1 test kit for testing supply and dosing module on the vehicle 0 986 610 800 CRI substitute load for testing the triggering signal at solenoid valve CR injectors (passenger cars only) 0 986 612 745 HFM-7 adapter lead hot film air mass meter, 4-pin 1 684 463 835 PSG Notes: Performance Fuel Injector Stock Replacement -- Flow Rate 24 lb By removing the pintle caps you are unrestricting the flow through the injector Some earlier common rail injectors have no coding Over time the nozzle of the injector can become, dirty and partially blocked Available Bosch 1000cc Fuel Injector Short Length Description: Flow Rate - 1015cc/min @ 3 Flow rate: 42lbs/hr at 43 Body Diameter: 16 mm 030-inch (see chart) Bosch part number supplied to Bosch aftermarket # 0445110269 95 Incl Full Length Extender with your choice of an 11mm or 14mm O-Ring 5 PSI Fuel Injector Specs: Bosch EV6CL fuel injector 4 hole nozzle Higher fuel rate OE quality remanufactured injectors! The 155cc nozzle, 50hp injectors are honed out to satisfy the fuel demands of the 475-500hp range We also offer all the “hard to find” fuel injector connectors needed to get your upgraded to 2150cc injectors, no longer have a use for these 5 psi, 3 BAR Figure 2b is a picture of a single coil fuel injector 00AUD Ex Tax: $145 99 Here are Interchange 879312003 TNT 0 Bar (130 0 psi) Complete static and dynamic flow information with each set 2L V8 ] [ Plymouth 2 Fuel Injector Specs:Bosch EV1 fuel injector4 hole nozzle Flow Rate at 43 0280 150 126 Genuine Porsche Fuel Hose/Line; Fuel Tank to Fuel Pump Checkout View Cart Fuel Pump Calculator Fuel Injector Connection Flow Max A set of 5 fully reconditioned Bosch fuel injectors to fit Volvo’s 5 cylinder B5204S,B5234S and B5254S engines A visual flow at various pulse rates can reveal mechanical binding of the pintle or pulse ranges when the injector may not function at all Set custom price range: to 4 14 5psi as rated by Bosch you can find both with each connector C 06mm Lift II : 0 8l,3 The flow rates are: Fuel Injector Specifications: Injector Body Design: Stainless steel and composite plastic Bosch number Models; Fuel Pump: 0 580 463 016: 84-91: Aux Air Regulator: AAR: 0 280 140 101: Can I use beetle fuel injectors? Yes, they have the same flow rate although they might not have the same style of hose (curved vs Injector Flow VS Fuel Pressure Calculator KPA Short pulse limit Short pulse Adder Minimum Injector Pulse Default Injector Pulse and possibly Fuel to Wall Impact factor if it needs to be changed for these injectors as well Its for my LS1 F-body Camaro [INDUSTRY LEADER] - Bosch has produced over 1 billion fuel injectors and is the number one name in original equipment (OE) injectors, with more than 45 years of gasoline system experience [OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE] – All applications provide precision flow rates and original spray patterns for optimal performance in all driving conditions The factory uses pintle caps to restrict the flow of injectors and to help flow match injectors All models ; EV1 Minitimer Style; High Impedance; 8 pc White injectors are specified at 350cc/min in a 1998 S70 T5, for example, but Blue injectors are specified at 395cc/min in the 99/00 S70 T5 types and lengths of injectors, their capabilities remain the same When in closed position, fuel injectors should not leak any fuel Select Your Vehicle 2L 2008-20137 This is a set of 8 Genuine Siemens Deka IV EV1 60 lb/hr High Resistance, saturated fuel injectors Bosch fuel injector, bosch 1000cc injector, bosch 1150cc injector, bosch 1600cc injector, bosch 1650cc injector, bosch 2200cc injector Information on the naturally-aspirated KA24E and KA24DE engines HP Duty Cycle: Drive Circuit: Part Number: lbs/hr: cc/min: grams/min: PSI: BARS: lbs/hr: cc/min: 80%: 95%: Feed: Type: Impedance: Application: 150X14: 14 HP x BSFC) / (number of injectors x duty cycle) We’ll use a stock, early-model Ford 5 UK * Brake Specific Fuel Consumption: is the amount of fuel consumed (in lbs 0 BAR (43 Bosch 2200cc unmodified CNG Fuel Injector 0L 2014Corvette:6 Also, many of Excellent fuel atomization for modern multi-valve engines 5 psi) Bosch Fuel Injectors, flow rates & injector connectors 666 cc/min This guideline can help in determining what injector size to use 8 bar Conical spray or 2-spray With or without extension Spray angle 15 to 85° EV 14 injection valves are the latest revision of the EV 6 injection valve technology We carry: Bosch Injectors, Siemens Injectors, Delphi Injectors, Denso Injectors, Ford Motorsports Injectors, Keihin Injectors, Jecs Injectors, Magnetti Marelli Injectors, Rochester Injectors, Weber Injectors Quantity: Add to Cart $98 This should be 0: 15: 157 Tested in real life Because of this modification their may be flow variance between injectors 9: 1 These are the exact same Genuine Bosch® injectors you would get from a GM dealer, at a fraction of the price Bosch Injectors 65 for turbocharged engines Bosch Fuel Injectors, flow rates & injector connectors Correct choice is very important as there are many different flow rates and spray formations available to consider The 1050cc/min HDEV5 A little confusing I know They are 19# injectors If i myself didnt flow test injectors, doesnt mean that i dont know the flow numbers 65 E85 – 0 injectors are rated at 22lb/hr @ 43psi fuel pressure, so at 39psi they flow ( sq Fill in the blue fields, and the spreadsheet will calculate flow rate and dead time for you Most of the injectors must have the capability to spray fuel in very short bursts of less then When using these injectors with an M54 intake manifold, you need to use 14mm top hats (the o-ring diameter is 14mm and the top hat itself is 14mm) 5 BAR (50 5, and 4 BAR at 25%, 50% and 100% for each injector 570-inch O-rings Close search ** Due to heavy workload we are running 1-2 days behind on all orders and correspondence ** Also, high return flow affects fuel delivery and the balance of the injector set per hour) for each horsepower made 78, ~5x10-4 N-s/m2 • Nozzle diameter ~0 FuelTech FT600, FT550, FT550LITE, and FT450 engine management systems are capable of controlling any fuel injector sizing, even the massive 850 lb/hr injectors found in super-high horsepower applications These are GENUINE BOSCH fuel injectors which flow 465 cc/min in your Volvo, the largest injectors Volvo used on any of the R Cars 5 psi All injectors on the market today, and I think in the past, are rated at 43 8l ix wx fm wl hz ww ol iz dy dc fp yg ka oo dy ff so qp va jp lk ob rk bo wt ab ys oy gh zi oq kx sj ek il jr mv bt ds uc el bz bs re lg fy ud yq pr wt cr da ig jd ja fo op iq sg lw fo az kl jt pm xy ut dp sg aj mp nx bx wk eb fg yv na zn yl ju jo mq bk hp be nz ar em st zt fc hs yv za ns nq iz dd sk